What Happens When my Pet Poos on the Carpet?

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Most pet owners go out of their way to avoid accidents on their carpets. We love our furry friends and we give them love, affection, food, and shelter. In return our pets give us happiness, love,  and joy. Wow! what a great trade off! Warm kisses, soft cuddles, and poo? Pets are biological beings that eat and poo. We try to walk them, give them fresh litter, and even put little doors in our homes just for them. We all know that sometimes no matter how well we try and plan accidents happen. Our pets get sick, we sleep in and forget to let them out, or some other reason occurs and BOOM! Pet poo, urine, vomit, and who knows what else.

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We love our pets but sometimes accidents happen.

What happens when pet poo, urine, and vomit go down into our floors and carpets? Well, carpet is absorbent so it begins to soak in. Even dry poos have a bit of moisture on them and minute particles will absorb into the carpet fibers. This sounds gross, and it is. Even after surface cleaning there will be particles left in your carpet’s fibers. Those particles harbor parasites, bacteria, and other little creatures that will begin to thrive and reproduce in your carpet. Every time you lay on your carpet, walk on your carpet, and yes even vacuum, you will stir up the things left behind by the dog poo. The bacteria, viruses, and other things, can be breathed in or land on your skin where they can make their way into your body via your mouth, nose or eyes.

It is very important to thoroughly clean your rug or carpet after your pet has an accident. You can use heavily diluted warm soapy water and a bit of Lysol. Make sure to rinse and pat dry the area after cleaning. The diluted soapy water helps to loosen the particles from the spot and the Lysol will kill any bacteria, viruses, and some parasites that might be left behind. The Lysol will also help with the odors.

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Love your pets and keep your carpets clean!

Now these spot cleanings work and help with emergencies but for thorough and complete cleanings we recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned and sanitized. We use special enzymes that break down any organic matter and then a cleanser with a sanitizer is applied. For the odor an eco friendly pet safe deodorizer is used to treat the carpet. The deodorizer is made with oranges and will leave a fresh orange scent. When our tech arrives just point out any “spots” of concern and we can apply an extra spot treatment at no additional charge.

Be kind to your pets and don’t get angry at them when accidents happen. Just clean up the emergencies and call us to help maintain your carpets!

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