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clogged dryer vent

Clogged Dryer Vents..”Hype” or “Hazard?”

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[pullquote-left] Of course those in the industry are going to recommend regular cleanings, but does your dryer really need it? [/pullquote-left] We all have been a victim of marketing hype at some point in our lives. Even if it was only when we were children and didn’t really know any better. Now that we are adults we realize that not everything we see and hear is the absolute truth. Where does dryer vent cleaning fall on the hype to hazard scale? The truth is, that when it comes to maintaining your dryer vent, regular cleanings are not hype but instead are necessary to keep your home safe and your dryer in good working order.

[hr] Don’t wait to clean your dryer vent. Regular cleanings and maintenance should be a part of your regimen for home safety and care. Click here to get your free copy of the United States Fire Association’s  publication for clothes dryer safety.

Click here for a government published list of dos and don’ts for clothes dryer safety.

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