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Let’s face it…You can’t have professional cleaners running out to your home everyday or even every week. It would be great if we could afford that or make time for that kind of attention, but most people are too busy and have a limited budget. In the in between times it’s nice to now some effective ways to keep your home in shape and clean that are both affordable and green. I for one hate using a bunch of caustic chemicals that I know are not good for my lungs to breathe or my skin to absorb.

If I had to list one of the cheapest and safest homemade cleaners it would be distilled vinegar. Yes, white vinegar is safe and effective when it comes to cleaning. Very versatile white vinegar can be used to clean glass without leaving streaks and it can be mixed with other safe substances and turned into oxidizing bleach and other scrubbing solutions.

The second cheap and safe homemade cleaner would be baking soda. Baking soda absorbs odor, and can get down into pores and take out grime and mildew. You can mix baking soda with white vinegar and clean a myriad of surfaces safely and effectively.

I found a great blog for homemade eco-friendly cleaning products and I highly recommend that you follow the link and try some of the recipes for cleaners.

67 Homemade, All-Natural Cleaning Recipes

Here’s to keeping your home safe and clean while saving money in the process!


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