What is lurking in your dryer vent system?

Lint and debris can clog your dryer vent and effect the efficiency and safety of your dryer. Don’t take chances with a clogged dryer vent. Lint is flammable and having a dryer clogged with lint can turn your home into a fire hazard. The US Fire Administration reports that

2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year and cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. The leading cause of home clothes dryer fires is failure to clean them (34 percent).

Clogged Dryer Vent

Lint is flammable and poses a fire hazard

For a complete list of Dos and Don’ts, along with recommendations for dryer maintenance, click on this link and read the US Fire Administration’s warnings and suggestions on how to care for your dryer to prevent fire hazards.  Sometimes we do not realize how much lint has accumulated inside our dryer vents. Our customers often express surprise at seeing just how much lint we have pulled from their vent. Occasionally we get severe clogs that are caused by birds nests, rodents, and other vermin that find the dryer vent an ideal place to set up residence. Regular cleanings and inspections help to prevent and solve these problems early. If you think your dryer vent is in need of cleaning please give us a call today.

Our technicians use special brushes to clean the full length of your dryer vent system from the point of entry all the way to the point of exhaust.  If you have a lint obstruction or some other type of air flow obstruction inside your dryer vent this can cause your dryer not to work properly. If you are noticing your dryer is not drying your clothes the way that it should, this may be a sign you need a dryer vent cleaning. A thorough cleaning means a more efficient dryer and a safer home!

Our fee for cleaning the dryer vent is 149$ including the tax.

The US Fire Administration has a complete report on residential clothes dryer fires. In that report it states that “Factors Contributing to Ignition in Clothes Dryer Fires in Residential BuildingsTable 4 shows the categories of factors contributing to igni-tion in clothes dryer fires. The leading category was “oper-ational deficiency” (47 percent). The leading specific factor contributing to ignition, which is part of the operational deficiency category, was failure to clean.”

houston dryer vent cleaning

clothes dryer fires due to clogged dryer vents


Charge for dryer vent cleaning is 145$ *includes tax



For your free copy of the US Fire Administrations report on residential clothes dryer fires click here.