Don’t Get Scammed by Air Duct Cleaning Companies

Don’t Get Scammed by Air Duct Cleaning Companies

Mold in Air Ducts

Mold in Air Ducts Mold on air vents and musty odor in home
Dust on air vents

Don’t get Scammed by Air Duct Cleaners

Unfortunately when you call air duct cleaners you won’t always get up front pricing, or upfront listing of services. Often air duct cleaning services will quote a very low price and use this to get the appointment. After arriving to your home, the techs will then try to up sell you on the rest of the services. If you don’t go for the up sell they will hook up a vacuum to a duct and run it for a bit then leave. What ever you paid, you wasted your money. Air duct cleaning requires all the ducts be brushed out and a powerful vacuum to take away the loosened mildew, dust, and debris. The plenum box that all of the ducts attach to must be cleaned and mildew, fungus, etc. be cleaned out. The returns need to be brushed and vacuumed, the register also needs to be cleaned. All the vent covers need to be removed and washed, then replaced. If required soot sealer should be applied for odor/particles. After all this then the system is sanitized with a bacteria and mold killer that is alcohol based and will evaporate without leaving any residue.

This process takes a while and can easily run 5-7 hours depending on how large the home is and how many AC units / thermostats are in the home. So, you can see air duct cleaning is more involved than just hooking a vacuum up for 30 minutes and leaving. Every 4 years you should have your ducts cleaned, if you have an older home and haven’t ever had your ducts cleaned you should definitely make time to schedule a cleaning. If you smell an odor coming out of your vents you should have your air duct cleaned. Folks buying a home where the previous owner had pets, you should have your ducts cleaned. Take a look at the video below which shows the process for air duct cleaning. The video has been condensed for the sake of time.


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