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Carpet Cleaning Houston

Carpet Cleaning for Mid Rise and High Rise Apartments in Houston

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Carpet Cleaning Houston

Mid Rise High Rise
Carpet Cleaning Houston

It’s great to have a view and live in the middle of a big city. That is, until you need your carpets cleaned! Trying to get carpets cleaned in a mid rise or high rise or even a 3-4 story town home can be a challenge. At C&E Carpets and Vents we have equipment suited to clean mid and high rises. We also specialize in 3-4 story town homes. We are located where Montrose meets the upper Kirby district and have many clients that live in these apartments and town homes.

Sure Houston is a cool city and living inside the loop, on the east side, or the Galleria area is awesome. With that awesome  pad you need access to great service and reasonable prices. We have special packages for Mid and High rises so give us a call today!  If we have space available we will also do same day services. 832-512-5719

So don’t give up your cool living space

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet cleaning for Mid and high rise apartments

Instead, give us a call and let us make your living space clean and enjoyable!

Carpet cleaning Houston

Carpet Cleaning Coupons 3 Rooms for 109$ No Hidden Fees

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 Enjoy our Summer Discounts!

We have created special package deals for summer. These are discounted from our regular prices and are designed to give you the best deal possible for any carpet cleaning job you need done.  These specials cannot be combined with any other advertised discounts, coupons, or specials. Don’t worry! We have something that will fit your budget and your needs. Below are the professional carpet cleaning packages we have put together. Rooms can be added or taken away depending on the size of the job.

        3 Rooms for 109$ Add Additional Rooms for 30$ Each

This carpet cleaning package is for light soil to Medium soil. Our Deep Clean light to medium soil carpet cleaning includes a pre-spray, shampoo / fiber rinse / Light stain removal / sanitizer / Deodorizer.

                3 Rooms for 129$ Add Additional Rooms for 35$

Our heavy soil / pet treatment carpet cleaning special includes : Heavy stain removal, pre-treatment, shampoo / fiber rinse / sanitize, enzyme treatment, odor neutralizer, odor control, deodorizer.


**Some restrictions apply: 3 story town homes, mid rises, high rises, and apartments with stairs price for 2 Rooms Light to Medium clean begins at 109$ Heavy soil Pet treatment begins 2 Rooms for 129$

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Houston, TX

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Searching for a carpet cleaner in Houston can be a daunting task. We aim to make it easy! See our reviews on Yelp. No hidden fees and our internet special pricing makes professional carpet cleaning a breeze!

Houston Carpet Cleaning at its BEST!

Ask about our Carpet Cleaning Coupons and Discounts! 

No Hidden Fees! Call today! 832-512-5719

Ask about our other services. We are insured and our techs have background checks.


Carpet cleaning in Houston is competitive and can be a mine field of sorts. C&E Carpets and Vents is locally owned and operated. We take our customer service serious and pride ourselves on a job well done. Let us be your Houston carpet cleaning company!

Call today and have your carpets professionally steam cleaned. We use a combination of steam and hot water extraction that gets down deep into your carpet fibers. Our advertised special includes  a pre-spray, shampoo, sanitize, deodorize deep steam cleaning that will leave your carpets fresh and clean! Let us be your best choice for Houston Carpet Cleaning!

What’s So Special About the Rotovac?

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Living in Houston the weather changes every day and sometimes within the hour. Rain and mud are in plentiful supply year round. Shoes covered with dirt and grime track in muck from outside and the next thing you see is dirty carpet. Ugh! especially the traffic areas!

 Call the carpet cleaners!

Well, you do your research and find that some carpet cleaning companies in Houston charge more for a tool called a Rotovac. You search on You Tube and see that the Rotovac is some kind of contraption that seems to work miracles!

Well, let’s not over blow the capacity of the machine, it’s good but there is NO substitute for good cleaning solutions and elbow grease. C&E Carpets and Vents has the Rotovac but we know that getting the carpet clean does not solely depend on the machine. The quality of the job is dependent on the technician, the solutions, and the machine. Hard work coupled with great cleaning solutions  that are specifically made for cleaning carpets really make the difference. We clean carpets in Houston with the Rotovac especially for high traffic areas or heavily stained carpets BUT we also use traditional wands because the job doesn’t always call for the Rotovac. No matter what, we pride ourselves in the job and getting your carpet as clean as possible.

Of course we can’t promise that every stain will come out every time. However; we have a great success rate using hard working, customer service oriented technicians, high quality ICCR approved carpet cleaning solutions, and of course when the job calls for it; THE Rotovac!

Call us today for all of your carpet cleaning needs in Houston and the surrounding metroplex area. 832-512-5719

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