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Carpet Cleaning 3 Rooms for 109$ With Deodorizer No Hidden Fees

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No Hidden Fees! 3 Rooms for 109$ Includes Deodorizer and 1 Room of Carpet Protection for free. Green Solutions

**Some Restrictions Apply

Take advantage of our Houston Carpet Cleaning Special and get 3 Rooms for 109$ We have Specials with No Hidden Fees. Includes a hallway for free. Green Solutions and 1 Room of carpet protection for free.  Call Now!

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

We have carpet cleaning packages for every situation. Take advantage of our Seasonal packages. Starting at light to medium soil 3 rooms for 109$. Rooms are measured at 200 sq. ft. or less.

Our company strives to be the best carpet cleaner in Houston. We provide professional carpet cleaning and also have additional packages to meet your carpet cleaning needs.

Mold in Air Ducts

Don’t Get Scammed by Air Duct Cleaning Companies

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Mold in Air Ducts Mold on air vents and musty odor in home
Dust on air vents

Don’t get Scammed by Air Duct Cleaners

Unfortunately when you call air duct cleaners you won’t always get up front pricing, or upfront listing of services. Often air duct cleaning services will quote a very low price and use this to get the appointment. After arriving to your home, the techs will then try to up sell you on the rest of the services. If you don’t go for the up sell they will hook up a vacuum to a duct and run it for a bit then leave. What ever you paid, you wasted your money. Air duct cleaning requires all the ducts be brushed out and a powerful vacuum to take away the loosened mildew, dust, and debris. The plenum box that all of the ducts attach to must be cleaned and mildew, fungus, etc. be cleaned out. The returns need to be brushed and vacuumed, the register also needs to be cleaned. All the vent covers need to be removed and washed, then replaced. If required soot sealer should be applied for odor/particles. After all this then the system is sanitized with a bacteria and mold killer that is alcohol based and will evaporate without leaving any residue.

This process takes a while and can easily run 5-7 hours depending on how large the home is and how many AC units / thermostats are in the home. So, you can see air duct cleaning is more involved than just hooking a vacuum up for 30 minutes and leaving. Every 4 years you should have your ducts cleaned, if you have an older home and haven’t ever had your ducts cleaned you should definitely make time to schedule a cleaning. If you smell an odor coming out of your vents you should have your air duct cleaned. Folks buying a home where the previous owner had pets, you should have your ducts cleaned. Take a look at the video below which shows the process for air duct cleaning. The video has been condensed for the sake of time.


Carpet cleaning Houston

Carpet Cleaning Coupons 3 Rooms for 109$ No Hidden Fees

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 Enjoy our Summer Discounts!

We have created special package deals for summer. These are discounted from our regular prices and are designed to give you the best deal possible for any carpet cleaning job you need done.  These specials cannot be combined with any other advertised discounts, coupons, or specials. Don’t worry! We have something that will fit your budget and your needs. Below are the professional carpet cleaning packages we have put together. Rooms can be added or taken away depending on the size of the job.

        3 Rooms for 109$ Add Additional Rooms for 30$ Each

This carpet cleaning package is for light soil to Medium soil. Our Deep Clean light to medium soil carpet cleaning includes a pre-spray, shampoo / fiber rinse / Light stain removal / sanitizer / Deodorizer.

                3 Rooms for 129$ Add Additional Rooms for 35$

Our heavy soil / pet treatment carpet cleaning special includes : Heavy stain removal, pre-treatment, shampoo / fiber rinse / sanitize, enzyme treatment, odor neutralizer, odor control, deodorizer.


**Some restrictions apply: 3 story town homes, mid rises, high rises, and apartments with stairs price for 2 Rooms Light to Medium clean begins at 109$ Heavy soil Pet treatment begins 2 Rooms for 129$

How are Air Ducts Cleaned

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Many times air duct cleaning is a MYSTERY

What really happens when you have your air ducts cleaned? As a professional in the industry I will tell you the process can range from nill to expansive depending on the purpose of the cleaning. C&E Carpets and Vents in Houston, TX will only perform a complete cleaning. This means that we do not do an abbreviated job. Some companies will only hook a machine up to a vent, tape off the others and turn the machine on for about an hour or so, then they are done. Our company does not do this “basic” service. We specialize in complete cleanings including brushing each duct with a specially designed and approved brush that removes the dirt, dust, mildew, etc. from each duct. We also clean the plenum box, returns (if needed), registers, vents, and remove mildew, fungus, mold, and sanitize the system.

     A complete cleaning can take several hours.

To do a thorough job takes time and depending on the size of the system and how dirty the duct work, it can take up to several hours to do the job right. Below is a video that shows what generally takes place when having your air ducts cleaned. If you live in Houston, TX and have and AC system, chances are you will need to clean your ducts at some point. Please give us a call and we will be glad to make your homes air cleaner by  cleaning the ducts! 832-512-5719

Mildew on Air Vent

Is There an Odor Coming Out of Your Vents?

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What’s that musty smell? Is there a mildew smell in your home and you can’t figure out why? It might be your air ducts. In Houston, TX it’s hot and humid and this can lead to mildew growing in your air duct system. When the A/C turns on and begins to blow out air through your duct system it also blows the odor of the mildew growing inside the system. If you have a sensitivity to allergens you might also suffer sinus and respiratory infections and inflammation in addition to being annoyed by the smell. Condensation along with the over abundance of mold spores are part of the problem. The long warm periods and running your AC system 10 months out of the year also contributes to mold and mildew growth. How do you combat a force that begins with nature and invades your home with the help of such a great technological innovation like air conditioning?

Mildew on Air Vent

Mildew on Air Vent

The answer is regular cleanings and in the case of stubborn persistent mold and mildew growth, Ultra Violet Lights. UV lights help kill mold spores as they pass through the Plenum on their way to your ducts and into your home. Ultra violet light is a great germ killer and UV lights can help to keep mildew, fungus, and mold growth down between cleanings. 

Many times our clients ask how often they should clean their systems. Most of the time every few years is enough. If you have a problematic system using a combination of UV lights and cleaning every few years should keep the issue of mold and mildew growing in your system at bay. Occasionally there is a secondary problem that is contributing to mildew growth outside of the usual culprits like condensation and mold spores. A home could have an older system or perhaps ducts that are damaged or defective. Sometimes this leads to excessive moisture build up. This is not usually the norm and most of the time a simple complete cleaning is enough to take care of the mildew and the smell. If you live in the Houston area and would like a free quote for a complete air duct cleaning in your home, please give us a call at 832-512-5719

What’s So Special About the Rotovac?

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Living in Houston the weather changes every day and sometimes within the hour. Rain and mud are in plentiful supply year round. Shoes covered with dirt and grime track in muck from outside and the next thing you see is dirty carpet. Ugh! especially the traffic areas!

 Call the carpet cleaners!

Well, you do your research and find that some carpet cleaning companies in Houston charge more for a tool called a Rotovac. You search on You Tube and see that the Rotovac is some kind of contraption that seems to work miracles!

Well, let’s not over blow the capacity of the machine, it’s good but there is NO substitute for good cleaning solutions and elbow grease. C&E Carpets and Vents has the Rotovac but we know that getting the carpet clean does not solely depend on the machine. The quality of the job is dependent on the technician, the solutions, and the machine. Hard work coupled with great cleaning solutions  that are specifically made for cleaning carpets really make the difference. We clean carpets in Houston with the Rotovac especially for high traffic areas or heavily stained carpets BUT we also use traditional wands because the job doesn’t always call for the Rotovac. No matter what, we pride ourselves in the job and getting your carpet as clean as possible.

Of course we can’t promise that every stain will come out every time. However; we have a great success rate using hard working, customer service oriented technicians, high quality ICCR approved carpet cleaning solutions, and of course when the job calls for it; THE Rotovac!

Call us today for all of your carpet cleaning needs in Houston and the surrounding metroplex area. 832-512-5719

Houston air duct cleaning

Does Air Duct Cleaning Make My A/C More Efficient

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The short answer is NO! The long answer needs a little longer explanation. Cleaning your air ducts does have merit and can do a lot of positive things for you and your home; however, unless you have a large obstruction that is blocking your ducts and obstructing air flow, cleaning your ducts will not make your A/C more efficient.

Many times we clean air ducts that are very dirty and the inside of the ducts are lined with mildew, fungus, and dust. These allergens are irritating and can cause allergy flare ups when breathed in. This is especially true when the mildew, dust, and other irritants are blown out into a home that is sealed up and does not have outside air coming in or going out from any other source other than the duct system.

Our customers report improvements in their allergies and other respiratory issues like asthma after having their ducts cleaned. This would be the major reason that people call to have their air ducts inspected and cleaned. Efficiency would be at the A/C maintenance end of the process and not at the duct cleaning end. So if you would like to have your ducts cleaned because you see or smell mildew, or you can visibly see dust blowing out of the vents then please do call us. If you are interested in making your A/C run more efficiently then we recommend that you call your local certified Heating and Cooling professional and have your unit serviced.

Click here to read a government publication on air duct cleaning in your home.

It is very easy to do an in home inspection of your ducts. Just take your air vent covers off and look inside. If you can visibly see dirt, dust, mildew, and other gunk on the inside of your ducts, then you probably should give us call. You can also go into your attic and inspect the plenum box that connects all of your air duct system. If you can visibly see contamination then you should definitely call. Our technicians are communicative and we give a firm price once we have inspected your system. Taking care of your home shouldn’t have to be stressful and C&E Carpets and Vents wants to be your air duct cleaning professionals! We are located inside the loop of Houston, TX and service the entire Houston area including The Woodlands, Katy, Bellaire, Pasadena, The Heights, Cypress, Copperfield, League City, Galveston, Texas City, Clear Lake and Spring!

 Call Today! 832-512-5719

organic carpet cleaning

Green Cleaners That Save You Money!

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Organic Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Houston

Let’s face it…You can’t have professional cleaners running out to your home everyday or even every week. It would be great if we could afford that or make time for that kind of attention, but most people are too busy and have a limited budget. In the in between times it’s nice to now some effective ways to keep your home in shape and clean that are both affordable and green. I for one hate using a bunch of caustic chemicals that I know are not good for my lungs to breathe or my skin to absorb.

If I had to list one of the cheapest and safest homemade cleaners it would be distilled vinegar. Yes, white vinegar is safe and effective when it comes to cleaning. Very versatile white vinegar can be used to clean glass without leaving streaks and it can be mixed with other safe substances and turned into oxidizing bleach and other scrubbing solutions.

The second cheap and safe homemade cleaner would be baking soda. Baking soda absorbs odor, and can get down into pores and take out grime and mildew. You can mix baking soda with white vinegar and clean a myriad of surfaces safely and effectively.

I found a great blog for homemade eco-friendly cleaning products and I highly recommend that you follow the link and try some of the recipes for cleaners.

67 Homemade, All-Natural Cleaning Recipes

Here’s to keeping your home safe and clean while saving money in the process!


Cheryl @ C&E Carpets and Vents

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