Your home’s duct system can become dusty, dirty, and even harbor fungus and mildew. When air ducts become dirty, the air Dirty Air Ductsthat blows out of those ducts also becomes dusty and carries mildew and mold spores all over your home. Air duct cleaning is one part of a well rounded home maintenance plan. To help cut down on indoor air pollutants that cause allergy flare ups and tax our immune systems, a thorough air duct cleaning along with carpet cleaning can help eliminate those contaminants that are inside our homes. href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>OSHA lists a variety of possible indoor air pollutants that can be lurking in our homes. While not every home has all of these contaminants many will contain dust and microbes. Here is a government publication that may help you determine whether or not you might need the ducts in your home cleaned.

There is debate about whether or not dust mites live inside of our duct systems.

Even if dust mites are not found inside your air ducts the dust, mildew, and other types of mold or fungus spores are enough to cause respiratory irritation when breathed into our lungs.


Air ducts can harbor bacteria, pollen, mildew spores and other allergens

Air ducts can harbor bacteria, pollen, mildew spores and other allergens

Energy efficient homes can add to the problem of indoor air pollution because they allow very little air flow through the home.  Energy efficient homes are designed to be as air tight as possible in order to conserve energy and keep the heat or cold air inside. Our recommendation is that periodically homeowners have their air duct system brushed and vacuumed out, to eliminate the trapped dust and other indoor air pollutants. We provide a full service air duct cleaning that is designed to thoroughly clean you duct system, removing allergens and sanitize the system. When having your air ducts cleaned we will brush out all of  the dust from your duct system and vacuum it with a large machine that contains an extensive filter system to clean the air. We also vacuum off the vent covers and vacuum the filter area. The plenum box will be cleaned and removal of any mold or mildew that might be growing in your plenum box will be removed.  If there is a mildew or fungus problem growing and festering in your duct system we will remove the growth and use a combination of safe biocides that are proven to kill the fungus and mold along with their spores. The complete service may also include agitating the return ducts if they require cleaning.

As an added service for homes that may need them we offer UV light installation. Uv lights help to “clean” the air blowing out into your home by killing viruses and bacteria in the air that flows past the lights. Whatever your needs are the basic service or a combination of services, we offer affordable duct cleaning services so that you can enjoy living inside your home and you  can breathe easy!Ultra Violet Light kills Germs